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Welcome to NA SUPERFÍCIE, where art comes to life and prints tell stories that transcend any surface. Join us on this creative journey and share with us the joy of enhancing the world with the colors and shapes that are part of who we are.

Foto de cerâmicas pintadas à mão

Our Brand

Na Superfície brand offers a wide range of products beyond apparel, including handcrafted ceramics and accessories, all adorned with the brand's distinctive visual identity.

Our products are the materialization of our emotions and narratives. Each print is carefully conceived by us, inspired by the beauty of the world around us.

B2B Universe

In our B2B front, we take pride in sharing our extensive knowledge in pattern design with national and international brands.

Our distinctive identity comes to life in exclusive prints that enhance fashion, decor, and stationery brands. We are driven by a passion to transform inspiration into art, and our collection of ready-to-purchase prints reflects the authenticity of our design, offering a variety of styles and artistic references that enchant and inspire.

Among those we are proud to work with are:

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