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  • Hand-painted ceramic candle holder, also serves as a vase and air freshener!
  • Height 11 cm | Diameter 10 cm
  • Unit value | Candle not included.
  • Tip: Use a little melted wax to secure the base of the candle holder and keep it upright on the base of the candle holder.
  • Our pieces are produced manually so imperfections are normal. Slight variations in the design and color may occur.

Bruma Candle Holder

Only 4 left in stock
    • Wash separately from other clothes
    • Avoid contact with rough surfaces
    • Avoid friction when washing
  • Our Bruma print brings movement, the freshness that the waves and sea air impact on the coast. They feature two-tone asymmetrical wave shapes in bubblegum pink and terracotta red, in a very 70s stylized proposal, like the light mist of passions that comes from within.

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